Alfie Bowen


Born in Suffolk, England in 1998, Alfie has grown up with the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Education proved a tough time for Alfie; he was bullied on an almost constant basis and this lead to him refusing to leave his bedroom at 16 years old. Alfie went on to join a private special educational needs school in 2014 where is life was transformed — he made friends, gained confidence and his love of animals grew.

Alfie has been using a camera since he picked up his mums compact Lumix some six years ago; he was obsessed from the moment he began taking photos.


Alfie has a life-long obsession with the natural world and draws major inspiration from the wildlife around him. Alfie also draws on past experiences when working and uses these to inject emotional energy into his work.

Many happy hours were spent outside in all weathers exploring the garden, playing in the mud and watching the many creatures that called it home. These experiences fuelled great respect for the world we call home, something so many children are now deprived of thanks to the modern, technologically driven society we now live in. I always remember the holidays of my childhood in Weybourne Forest, Norfolk. These where family affairs, with my grandparents, aunty and uncle joining me, mum and my sister, Amie. I spent much of my time in this magical woodland observing the numerous pigs, ducks, chickens and rabbits that were the owner’s much-loved pets. I used to sit on the veranda of our lodge for hours, peering into the abundance of swaying pine-trees and glistening, needle-laden branches for a glimpse of the elusive Red Squirrel. This often led to disappointment, but it never deterred me from doing the same the following morning, the buzz from the occasional sighting set my soul on fire.

Why are you practising this art form?

“Ansel Adams said “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” and this couldn’t be more accurate. Photography provides me with an output for my emotional energy and I often travel back to the tougher times in my life to provide emotional energy for my imagery. I work largely in wildlife conservancies, investing hours into every image. The challenges associated with capturing each image are considerable but I would be concerned if the job was easy; the world has seen many images of animals, the challenge is garner unique imagery and this was never going to be easy. It can be lonely, cold, frustrating and I often fail, but that’s all part of the game and as I’ve learnt throughout life, nothing worth having comes easy.”


Alfie has worked incredibly hard to develop a unique style and carve out a career in the art world. He is now an Internationally renowned fine-art photographer represented by galleries across the world. His star will only continue to rise in the years ahead and now is the perfect time to add some work to your investment portfolio.

What brought you to Da Vinci and what do you hope to achieve whilst working alongisde us?

“I very much doubt that there is a better representational duo in the U.K. art world, Hayley & Natasha are a class above anyone I have previously worked with. They treat their artist’s like artists and have a ‘can-do’ approach to every suggestion along with a clear and ambitious vision for the future. I very much look forward to working alongside these incredible ladies for many years to come; exciting projects are in the pipeline!“

Alfie Bowen Gallery