Galina Shamaeva

Galina Shamaeva is best known for her exquisite abstract and expressionist Ink X Resin paintings.

The often Semi-transparent depth-induced layered themes in Galina’s works have in common the artists fascination with the combining and merging of the organic and natural, with the esoteric and spiritual; by creating pieces reminiscent of the mystical nature of metaphysics, the universe, the mysteries of life and the triple-blackness of space.

Galina’s Subjects range from the expressions of deep thoughts and emotion and the communication of her subconscious mind with her feelings and beliefs that are present in the moment, the very things that guide her in the creation of every piece; often in a meditative, channelling or naturally induced psychedelic state.

So much we can’t see. They say we only see 5-7% of what really exists in nature and life. …we all have our own fields which some people call aura, interaction of all those fields and powers invisible to the eye come into visible reality through the Art for me. Everything speaks in my art, the colour , the shapes, the movement and the fluidity

Galina creates with her spirit as the Lead as she channels spiritual feelings and energies whilst allowing each piece to become its own, experimenting and almost playing with the combination, mix and interaction between her chosen mediums, materials, inspirations and creative desires as seen in the case of “ The Cosmic Butterfly 2019”.

Galina Shamaeva Gallery