Savage Beauty


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Archival Pigment Print framed to museum standard with anti-reflection glass

Signed and editioned on recto. Signed, titled, dated, and editioned on certificate of authenticity.

Edition Of 10

Framed Size: 79 x 110 CM

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The tiger is a powerful being and I think this image captures the two conflicting sides of their personality — they are beautiful yet viscously dangerous.

This young male walked down a fallen tree trunk towards my camera, and even though I was a safe distance from him my heart was still pounding. He is massive and would have no problem in killing anyone that steps in his way with one swipe of his razor-sharp claws. When I saw this image full-size for the first time it gave me goosebumps. What an incredible animal.

I feel very lucky to have witnessed such an incredible animal at such close proximity. The life of a photographer maybe lonely at times, but the visions of the worlds natural beauty more than makeup for the bad times.

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Alfie Bowen

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