San B

San B is a fast rising London artist who works with Swarovski® Crystals. His journey started by creating clothing which led to designing for celebrities and artists including Bruno Mars and the multi-platinum Hip-Hop Act Wu Tang Clan who performed onstage wearing San B’s Swarovski Crystal garments.

San B’s meticulous eye and obsession for Swarovski® Crystals has seen him produce portraits at a larger scale around the concept of inspirational, timeless Icons and Legends.

2017 has seen Art by San B become brand partners with Swarovski® Crystals; authenticating each piece of art with a hologram seal of approval, which has a unique Alpha Numeric code for the investor as part of the certification.

My distinctive meticulous approach has wowed audiences in some of the most luxurious locations such as Christie’s London, The World Economic Forum Switzerland,  The Savoy London, Maddox Gallery to name a few.

I love to see my work come alive and the feeling it gives my audience and the responses I get inspire me to push the boundaries even higher wanting to hypnotise my crowd further. It is important to me I capture the identities of my subjects as people can relate to the person or image.

There’s so much conflict and pressures in modern day life I love expressing myself and offering some happiness through my work. Something beautiful elegant and mesmerising to look at for hours which can capture everyone’s eye within a room with a piece of luxury.

San B’s process consists of image manipulation allowing him to distinguish sections of contrast, transferring the image to the material and hand placing each crystal and securing it with heat.

His style is a fusion of Andy Warhol, Roy Litchenstein and Chuck Close. As time goes on San B experiments with scale, detail and various colours, shapes and sized Crystals.

All inspirations link to influencing the masses over the years. Producing artwork in Swarovski® Crystals illuminates the icon portraying greater significance to their popularity. Each crystal shining different to the next represents the power and influence these iconic figures have over the world.

San B is a strong believer in quality and always wants to provide something unique with his artwork. He appreciates everyone being an individual and believes they deserve something bespoke. Owners of San B’s work include Anthony Joshua, Drake, David Sullivan (owner of West Ham Utd), Lord and Lady Fink of Northwood, Toyroom Mayfair, Paul A. Young (Luxury Chocolatier) alongside a collaboration with Roberto Cavalli Interiors.

San B Gallery